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Annual Meeting 6.14.2020

06.14.20 | News | by WBC Elder Board

    Hopefully, you received an email containing the details for our annual congregational meeting which will take place over Zoom. If you need the meeting link or if you have trouble with the meeting, you can contact these elders: Rohan Johnson (847) 975-7229 or Stephen Lofing (303) 519-4739.

    Officer Nominations
    • Sooho Choi, 3 year Elder term
    • Wayne Grassel, 3 year Elder term
    • Kurt Krueger, 1 year Elder term
    • Becky Foster, 3 year Nominating Committee term
    • Curtis Stouwie, 3 year Nominating Committee term
    • Jana Susie, 3 year Nominating Committee term
    • Ed Hildebrandt, 1 year Financial Secretary term
    Proposed Budget: Fiscal Year 2021

    Click here to view budget proposal.

    Click here to submit a ballot (Please submit prior to ballot count at the end of our meeting).