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5 Ways You Can Pray for Encounter Freeport

07.15.20 | Missions, Youth Ministry | by Zane Balmer

    As a youth group we are partnering with a local Freeport church to bless their community in several ways. Each day, we will have several blocks of time that will be filled with different service projects or ministry opportunities. For example, painting rooms in a domestic violence center for one block, and another block would be a prayer walk around the city. As we do this, we ask that you support us by praying for us every day that we are gone. Here are ways that you can pray for us:

    1. Pray that God would use us to bless the community for his glory.
    2. Pray for our students, that their hearts would be opened to what God may teach them.
    3. Pray for safety, with traveling and also COVID-19.
    4. Pray that we will grow closer as a youth group.
    5. Pray for the leaders to follow God’s leading as they lead the students, and to be rested!

    Thank you for supporting our youth in this way, we need your prayers!