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Am I Worthy to Come to the Table?

Posted by Ryan Shelton on

Do you sometimes feel unsure if you should take Communion? Has there ever been a nagging uncertainty in your heart as the bread and the cup come down the pew? I wonder if you have ever abstained from eating and drinking this holy meal with the church because you felt too dirty to touch...

Corporate Worship Is Better Than Your Quiet Time

Posted by Ryan Shelton on

(Originally posted by the author on It’s Sunday morning. You finally made it through the one lane of traffic not quarantined by the orange cones that descended overnight like locusts. You carefully maneuver the parking labyrinth as your child kicks the back of your car...

Celebrating Communion in 3D

Posted by Ryan Shelton on

  It seems harder each passing year to go to the movies without being subjected to the growing phenomenon of 3D films. At times, I haven’t even realized I picked the wrong showing until the employee who takes my ticket hands me the special plastic-wrapped glasses. Perhaps some people...